Lee Pace Celebrates His Return To The MCU With A Captain Marvel Tweet

Have no fear, Avengers fans, production for Captain Marvel is steadily underway! The next installment to the MCU is still a ways away, but the filming process still allows fans sneak peeks of the final product here and there. This filming process won’t give us much insight into the future of the MCU, post-Thanos, considering the timing of Captain Marvel makes it an ultimate prequel/origin. On the contrary, it may give us a look at the state of the MCU before all of the conflicts revolving around Infinity Stones even existed.




Being set in the 90s, we have already learned that a few old favorite characters will be returning for Captain Marvel, including Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. If you’re a fan of the villains, which the MCU has a knack for making people become, there will also be the return of Ronan the Accuser and his nefarious sidekick Korath the Pursuer, back to reprise the roles we first saw them in Guardians of the Galaxy.


The exact nature of Ronan’s return is still unknown, but given the fact that Carol Danvers’ history is closely intertwined with the Kree people (of which Ronan is), we can only assume he will play a role in her ascent to the title as “the most powerful character” in the MCU to date.




Lee Pace, who played Ronan in Guardians, has taken to his social media to give a little celebratory teaser of his return to the MCU by posting a short video of himself wearing a Captain Marvel baseball cap and tagging the upcoming film in the description.


Check out the video below:


We have yet to see any pictures of him in costume, but at least now we know he was on set. Principal photography on Captain Marvel was reported to have finished in the early weeks of July, so this also creates the assumption that Pace has done his full process as Ronan, barring any reshoots coming up in the next few months.


This particular post by Pace doesn’t exactly introduce anything new to us, but just seeing that Ronan is/was on set, he did the thing, he got the cast member hat, and he is thriving in his life as Ronan revitalized!


You can see Lee Pace in all his Kree glory when Captain Marvel comes to theaters on March 8, 2019. SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!