Latest ‘Venom’ Movie Poster Puts The Symbiote’s Creepy Tongue On Center Stage

We’ve reached the final countdown for one of the most anticipated films of 2018. Venom is scheduled to open in theaters in less than a month, October 5th to be exact, and the excitement is reaching fever-pitch. While we’ve been able to get a small sample of Tom Hardy as both Eddie Brock and Venom, we won’t get a complete gauge to how the characters are portrayed by the actor until opening night. Sony Pictures is doing their job to get the word out on the film through clever marketing and timely trailer releases. The most recent TV Spot looks to dive into the character of Eddie Brock a little bit more…



It’s not just trailers that they’re using either. With Venom likely becoming a hit all over the world, Sony has also been promoting the film internationally. This strategy led them to create posters for different countries, and the film poster for Japan may be the coolest and most original we’ve seen thus far. Although it came out a couple of months ago, it’s still holding up as one of the best so far in Sony’s promotional campaign…




With the viciousness of Venom being on full display with the Japanese poster, Sony is bringing some of that flavor back to the States with a little help from the film’s star, Tom Hardy. Taking to his Instagram, Hardy shared a new poster from the film, and the artwork is putting Venom’s tongue on center stage. With so many snacks and so little time, maybe this poster is showing us his intentions on just getting a little taste. Check it out below.



We’re still unsure exactly what version we’re going to get when Venom opens in theaters on October 5th, but regardless of the rating, it looks as if they’re bringing us the Venom we’ve been asking for for all of these years.


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