Latest TV Spot For ‘Venom’ Gives Us Our Most Extensive Look At The Symbiote In Action So Far

It seems like only yesterday it was announced that Tom Hardy would be suiting up as Eddie Brock as he comes in contact with the alien symbiote in Sony’s production of a stand-alone Venom film. While it may seem like yesterday, we’re actually only 15 days from the opening of Venom in theaters nationwide. The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, will be the first delve into what Sony hopes will be a sprawling universe of characters centered around the anti-hero Venom.




Being a part of Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, fans are still incredibly hopeful that this version of Eddie Brock will ultimately crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Because Sony and Marvel Studios already have a deal in place that allows Spider-Man to be represented in the MCU, the crossover wouldn’t be unprecedented, and this possibility has fueled the speculation that’s why Venom will be kept to a PG-13 rating even though many fans were hoping to see an R-rated version. If there is ultimately a crossover, a PG-13 rating would be a small price to pay.




With the film’s opening being so close, Sony is upping the promotion for Venom and releasing more footage from the film. In the latest TV spot, we’re able to get an even longer look at the character Venom. He’s just as vicious as we had all hoped for, and by the looks of the spot, the VFX in the movie is polished and complete. The look of the character was the biggest point of concern from fans when the film was announced, and from everything we can see, they won’t be disappointed. Check out the latest spot below…



Venom hits theaters on October 5th!


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