Kyle Hill Discusses Magneto’s Strength In The Latest Episode Of ‘Because Science’

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr’s – AKA Magneto’s – first appearance in The X-Men #1 had firmly established him as a looming threat, continually attempting to corrupt the balance between mutants and human beings. The leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants made his first move, attacking U.S. military base Cape Citadel.


This master of ferrokinesis (metal manipulation) has committed heinous acts against his fellow mutants, including ripping the adamantium from Wolverine’s body in the Fatal Attractions crossover (X-Men #25 in 1993). Magneto all but completely drained Wolverine’s healing factor, later revealing that his claws are made of bone.


A decade prior, Magneto’s cinematic counterpart played by Sir Ian McKellen pulled iron from an oblivious guard’s bloodstream in X2: X-Men United. This had the folks at Nerdist wondering how powerful Magneto’s abilities must be in order to extract metal when it is already infused with one’s blood. Kyle Hill is on the case with another informative episode of Because Science!

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