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Kristen Wiig In Talks To Play Ferocious Villain In ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Last year, Wonder Woman broke records as the highest grossing superhero origin film of all time. It only makes sense that DC and Warner Bros would immediately be plotting a sequel after such success. With the first film out of the way and the second now staged for November 1st of 2019, many people have questions as to which foe Diana Prince/Wonder Woman will be testing her mettle against.




Going back to bare bones of Wonder Woman, one of her most formidable adversaries was The Cheetah. From the 40’s onward, there have been multiple variations of the violence and vengeance-driven villain, each carrying their own grudge towards The Amazonian Princess. With all of that said, there’s no surprise that The Cheetah would be selected as the antagonist for the up and coming film, but Kristen Wiig as a possible villain? Many didn’t see that coming.




Wiig is undoubtedly known more for her non-sensical comedic roles in SNL, Zoolander 2, Ghostbusters, and Bridesmaids. However, she hasn’t shied away from dramatic, serious, or dark roles in the likes of Welcome To MeThe Skeleton Twins, Downsizing, and mother! in the recent years. This is proof that she isn’t just reliant on being silly, so portraying an emotionally complex villain like The Cheetah may not be out of her repertoire after all.


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