Kirby And Thanos Collide In This Hilarious Internet Fan Art

Nintendo’s lovable little pink blob named Kirby has been around since 1992 when he made his first appearance on the Gameboy for Kirby’s Dreamland. Now 26 years later, the tiny little warrior has continued to put the smackdown on any would-be threat to the planet, Pop Star, which he calls home, and his country of Dreamland. But what would happen if a Marvel-sized bad guy got in the path of the tiny gumball with a bottomless pit for a stomach?




Thanos is easily one of the strongest beings in both the Marvel comicbook and cinematic universes. After seeing the damage that the Mad Titan dealt to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, one with any sort of emotional attachment to the good guys we lost in the war would try to imagine every possible outcome where Thanos didn’t win. So what would have happened in a crossover event if Kirby ate Thanos and the Gauntlet?




Obviously, this sort of speculation is just for fun and for the fans who would get a kick out of the conversation piece. Some might argue that it all would have been over in an instant if Kirby were to appear on Earth to lend a helping pink hand. With his incredible ability to eat literally anything and anyone, it’s entirely possible that Thanos wouldn’t have stood a chance, especially if he was caught off guard. Maybe this is the “end game” that Doctor Strange mentioned? Eh, probably not, but it is fun to wonder…


But if Thanos were consumed by Kirby and his likeness and abilities were transferred to the little hero, the awkward transformation might look something like this. Don’t stare at it too long, it might hurt your eyes.




The fan art that you see in the picture above depicts the perfect blend between Kirby and Thanos, even squishing down the Infinity Gauntlet into “Thirby” or “Kirbos” little fist. The art, courtesy of KrazyLipz, was shared on Reddit, which helped for the piece to gain some considerable traction on the Internet.


Art like this is just a reminder that it’s okay to just have fun with it and throwing two unlikely characters together is the perfect way to make the ultimate comicbook/video game mash-up. At least we know the universe is safe cause Thirby can’t pull off the deadly “finger snap” since he doesn’t have any fingers…


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