Key Skrulls Have Been Revealed For The ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie

Recent news regarding Marvel’s Captain Marvel has revealed that the film will include the Skrulls. With that revelation, and That Hashtag Show divulging the film’s casting breakdowns, the identities of the Skrulls are more certain than before.



Here are the three character breakdowns:


“[Alpha] Female, 20-49. Fight experience. Dance or gymnastics preferred.


[Delta] Male, 20-49. Must be over 6′ tall, broad-shouldered and muscular.


[Supporting Male #2] Male, 35-45, a chiseled, cocky guy who is large in stature, but not as big as Delta.”


None of the characters have been confirmed, but there have been several guesses as to who they might be.

Check out the unconfirmed guesses on PAGE 2…