Kevin Feige Reveals The Production Status Of ‘Avengers 4’!

Another Marvel Studios milestone has come to fruition, everyone! Ant-Man and the Wasp has hit theaters, marking the 20th film in the MCU and the first one with a female character as part of the title! This film gives us a little more clarity about the workings of this massive universe and it also means that there is one less film between the world and Avengers 4.


Not to deflate from the excitement of Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s release, but when a giant purple tyrant kills half the universe and there’s no help in sight, the priorities shift. Luckily, there are hints here and there about what to expect from the Phase 3 finale.




The next film to release will be Captain Marvel in March, so we have the rest of the year to speculate and wonder how everything is gonna get fixed. The film has reportedly finished initial filming, but generally, we are all in the dark about who or what is happening. A few glimpses of the set have been released, but this gives away nothing as the characters in the set photos are all people we know survived Infinity War.




The creators are steady at work making this monument of a film, but it seems that we may have come to a turning point in regards to the process. The directing duo, the Russo Brothers have come out of social media hiding to start interacting with fans again, which hopefully means they have a little extra time on their hands these days. Could this mean the film is finished and we are going into post-production?




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