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Kevin Feige Finally Discusses The Tom Holland ‘Spider-Man’ Leak

For those of you that don’t follow the daily happenings of everything centered around the Marvel Cinematic Universe as closely as some of us, there’s an understanding that Tom Holland has built a reputation for being a little loose-lipped with information he’s given. It’s become a running joke in some cases, especially during the Avengers: Infinity War press tour, but it all started when the Spider-Man actor opened a package from his costar, Mark Ruffalo live on social media and it turned out to be a confidential Infinity War poster that wasn’t supposed to go public yet.



It isn’t just Holland who has this problem; Ruffalo himself is guilty of it too. During the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok, Ruffalo had a live feed on Instagram rolling in his pocket as the movie played. Then, while doing press with Don Cheadle prior to Infinity War, he let one of the biggest plot points of the film slip when he said, “Wait till you see this next one, everybody dies.” Holland basically did the same thing in a packed theater prior to a screening of the film. When the Russo Brothers brought him out for the fans, he grabbed the mic and said, “I’m alive!” Everyone now knows his character does bite the bullet in the film, but these fans had yet to see it…



Then a couple of weeks ago, with the sequel Spider-Man: Homecoming getting ready to start production, Holland was at it again with the spoilers. This time, however, he only leaked the name of the film when he went live on Instagram and showed off his script to fans. Ladies and gentlemen, he brings to us Spider-Man: Far From Home!


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