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Just In Time For Halloween: Georgia Dad’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Costume

In many ways, dads can be superheroes in their own right. Whether it’s helping you out of a jam, teaching the complex mysteries of life with the wisdom and experience of seniority, or making one cringe (lovingly) at the sound of a well-placed “dad pun,” these guys are no laughing matter. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this papa bear decided to take it upon himself to create an impressive project at the request of his 3-year-old daughter.


Tim Burket from Augusta, Georgia has become the most Grootinest Tootinest dad in the southland with recent online videos showcasing his finished Halloween costume. Just in time for All Hallows Eve and with 300 hours clocked in, Burket took advantage of his handyman skills to create a 7 foot tall Groot suit.


His daughter is also dressed up in a Rocket Raccoon costume, following her treelike father around the yard as he tests his stability. One can imagine that these two will be the most adorable hero/sidekick duo of this year’s trick-or-treat around the neighborhood.


Watch the creation of the costume and check out Groot and Rocket on Page 2!