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Ben Affleck And A Star-Studded Cast To Create Superhero Film Written By A 10-Yr-Old Jimmy Kimmel

Everyone grows up with a dream. Some dream of being professional athletes, oftentimes imagining the clock ticking down to zero with one final chance to win the game. Others dream of being public servants, either policing the streets, fighting fires, or nursing people back to health. Then, there’s those of us who dream of being superheroes!


Long before Jimmy Kimmel was a late night talk show host, he was a 10-year-old boy with a wild imagination. That imagination, like many of ours, led him to create his own world full of heroes and villains. Never did he expect, all these years later, that his childhood world would be opened up to the public.


As a long-time talk show host and television star, Jimmy has some pretty famous friends. From actors to directors, athletes, and comedians, these buddies know Jimmy likes a good joke. So, his celebrity pals took the comic book he created 40 years ago, The Terrific Ten, and gave it the silver screen treatment for us all to enjoy!

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