Jeremy Renner’s Possible Look As Ronin For Upcoming ‘Avengers 4’ Film

Hawkeye was certainly one of the most talked about characters surrounding Avengers: Infinity War, although he was nowhere to be seen, along with Ant-Man. It was suggested that Jeremy Renner’s sharpshooting character was somewhere safe with his family avoiding the conflict altogether after the events of Captain America: Civil War played out. Based upon some photos from the set on Avengers 4, and a few good theories, it’s likely that we won’t see Renner return as Hawkeye at all, but as another character instead named Ronin.




Ronin is an interesting character, as multiple people have taken on the mantle. Ronin translates roughly from Japanese to “a wandering samurai who has no lord or master.” This conceptually could signify for a shift for Clint Barton’s duties after Thanos’ infamous finger snap, let’s say.




One theory is that Clint may have been the sole survivor in his family when half of the life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was reduced to dust when Thanos was able to achieve his ultimate goal. The result could push Clint into action but this time with a new purpose that calls for a different persona to emerge. Set photos, like the one below, seem to ring true to the theory that he will at least show up as Ronin in his appearance. Whether or not he actually calls himself that name or not is still to be seen. The black boots with traces of gold look very familiar . . .




What’s cool is that all of this excitement around Hawkeye or Ronin has spurred a lot of different conversations and inspired artists like BossLogic to create some pretty interesting fan art that re-imagines Clint into Ronin. What do you think?




It will be very interesting to see how Barton’s character arc will begin to develop more as we get closer to Avengers 4 next May. With it confirmed that Renner will be returning in some fashion to the film, we can count on him playing an instrumental role in what happens next to the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they recover and hopefully avenge the ones who have fallen. Until then we’ve got Captain Marvel to look forward to on March 8th and the still-untitled Avengers 4 on May 3rd, both in 2019!


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