Jeff Goldblum Proposes His Grandmaster Teams Up With Another Eccentric MCU Character!

Jeff Goldblum’s charming depiction of the Grandmaster of Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok had moviegoing audiences laughing in their seats. The character’s madness was both joyful and vicious, sending both Hulk and the god of thunder into gladiatorial combat. However, there is a character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has a familial connection with The Grandmaster, stemming from their inception between the panels of comicbooks.




Benicio Del Toro portrays The Collector, who was one of the first Elders of the Universe to be introduced in the MCU.




However, even though the comicbooks have the Elders already aware of each other’s existence, neither Goldblum’s nor Del Toro’s characters haven’t made a mention of one another yet.




Even though their familial ties have yet to be addressed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actor Jeff Goldblum thinks that both En Dwi-Gast and Taneleer Tivan should meet and form a collaborative unit.

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