Jane Foster Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice For Asgard In New Thor Comicbook

Jane Foster returns again in the Mighty Thor #706, and it appears that she’s right back in the thick of it after a massive battle against a foe that no one but she could defeat. Jane was victorious saving countless lives including that of the Asgardian gods, but at what cost?




After Malekith unleashed the Mangog, there was no other choice for Jane. She knew that she would have to make the transformation into the Mighty Thor, against the wishes of all who care about her personal well being. With her mortal form battling raging cancer inside of her body, this change into her Asgardian form may be her last.




As the warriors and gods of Asgard watch the Mangog and Mjolnir disappear into the sun, a great tempest storm is unleashed almost as to send the soul of Jane Foster off as her mortal form lies lifeless for all to see.




While healers attempt to bring Jane’s body back to the life of the living, it looks like her soul is elsewhere.


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