James Gunn’s Insight To Groot’s Last Line In ‘Infinity War’ Will Break Your Heart

*WARNING: Spoilers for Infinity War ahead!*


James Gunn is certainly one of the minds that helped to fuse all of the elements that came together in Avengers: Infinity War. If you didn’t know, he was responsible for the direction in both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2. With that in mind, his assistance and expertise with the Guardians came in handy when it came time for Infinity War to be written and drawn out.




After the official premiere, Gunn had this to say about the movie in response to his first time seeing it all the way through!



Avengers: Infinity War is definitely a film that was able to capitalize on having such a rich and thriving cinematic universe full of beautiful and unique characters by utilizing them in ways that hadn’t been seen on screen. That meant even when it was time to say farewell to a few unexpected friends . . .




Gunn’s insight into that world, especially surrounding the Guardians of the Galaxy, gave him a perspective that others couldn’t have had unless they were on the inside, and he went on to share some interesting information that might make you wish he hadn’t.


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