James Gunn Shares His Thoughts On Spoilers And Why They Don’t Actually Matter

There is quite the debate over the seriousness of spoilers. Do they actually hurt the experience of a film if you have some semblance of what’s going to happen or is the art of storytelling something that can still be fully appreciated if you know the ending? Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers went to great lengths to make sure nothing was spoiled in the lead up to the release of Avengers: Infinity War. They also urged fans not to ruin it for each other after they had seen it, and anyone that was shocked at the ending would probably agree that it was better they didn’t know what was coming.


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In the case of Infinity War, the fact that so many people have been back to see it multiple times shows that even when you know what’s going to happen, it’s still an enjoyable experience to watch, and it’s not the only film that fans have rewatched multiple times. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn spoke about this issue before, and he’s talking about it again.




Prior to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Gunn took to his Facebook page to discuss spoilers:

“There are studies that show spoilers don’t really spoil anything. In a good story, our brains feel just as much pleasure whether or not we know the plot point ahead of time – and a new sort of pleasure emerges when we’re piecing together the story we know is leading to some already-known element.”


He also assured fans that if they did hear about any plot-points, it wouldn’t affect their experience one bit:

“So, if you’ve accidentally heard about a surprise in Vol. 2, worry not – you will still be able to heartily enjoy the film. Not only because spoilers don’t matter, but because we’ve created a movie where the story, humor, visuals, music, and emotion don’t rely on surprises even if they did, and that you’ll have a blast whether or not you know a spoiler or two before going in.”



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