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James Gunn Reveals The Inspiration For The Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Flower Girl’ Scene

One thing that always stands out with films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the way they pay homage to the past. It’s not just the way they do it in terms of the source material, which isn’t always the easiest to adapt to the screen, but they also find ways to do so with films of the past in very clever ways. James Gunn, director of both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy, stands out as someone who takes a lot of pride in paying his respects to the classic films and filmmakers of the past while pushing the envelope with his own movies.




Gunn’s stylings come from a love of both the comedy and horror genres of film. Whether he’s sneaking in Easter eggs or blending in inspiration from classic films of the past into his work, he’s done a fantastic job of keeping it fresh while giving a nod to the past. He continued both of these trends with Guardians of the Galaxy, going as far as to putting one Easter egg in the film that fans have still yet to find.



As for his nod to the classics, the scene in which Groot hands the little girl a flower is a mirrored take on a sequence from James Whale’s 1931 film Frankenstein where the monster is handed flowers by a little girl. While that scene doesn’t end pleasantly, Gunn made sure to keep his version of the scene in tone with his own film after Groot hands the girl the flower…



“The inspiration for Groot giving the little girl the flower in GotG Vol 1, only without Groot murdering her afterwards. These James Whale movies are so magical and I hope kids still watch them.”


We can’t get to the future without first experiencing the past, and Gunn has done a fantastic job of keeping the classics alive through his work. Check out the scene below, and if you haven’t seen the James Whale film you should!







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