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James Franco Possibly Portraying Multiple Man In Upcoming Film From Fox

Jamie Madrox’s last film appearance was in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. In that film, Madrox, played by Eric Dane, was recruited by Magneto into his Brotherhood of Mutants. It has been over a decade since this X-Force member has been treated to a cinematic interpretation, but Fox has taken an opportunity to bring him back. Madrox, AKA Multiple Man, can instantly create copies of himself at will. His first appearances in comics were merely supporting roles until his run in Peter David’s monthly X-Force series, which truly fleshed the character out.


The spotlight on Madrox became more focused during his time in the Fallen Angels comicbook series in 1987. While the plot of the film hasn’t been announced, perhaps it will focus on the storyline that brought his character more appeal to comicbook readers.

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