It’s About Time Storm Got Her Own X-Men Origins Film Says ‘Dark Phoenix’ Star

The world of mutants is bigger than ever right now, at least in terms of portrayals in the media. On TV, there’s Legion and The Gifted, both on Fox. Then, there’s the arrival of two new films on the horizon. First is the continuation of the saga of young Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix, followed by the thrilling addition of new characters in The New Mutants next summer.


Suffice it to say, we have plenty to look forward to as fans. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no more stories to tell. Besides the 20-film saga that is the MCU, the X-Men film series is one of the longest-running franchises by Marvel. With all of the Wolverine origin films, plus the newly changed events that came from Days of Future Past, there is plenty of room for additions in this already-rich universe.




The timeline in the X-Men universe is at an interesting point right now, where the younger cast members are the future of the franchise. Logan served as a distant future in the timeline, but the ending of that film can only mean that it’s time to backtrack.


All of our favorite characters are back (or at least their younger selves) in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, like Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, and of course, Jean Grey. This film serves as an exploration of Grey’s greatest struggle with her own powers. The original X-Men trilogy showed Jean Grey as an adult, but now we will go where the timeline hasn’t gone before and learn just how her terrible powers manifested within her young mind.




After the events of Days of Future Past, it is a whole new life for Jean Grey and a new story. This open end creates a world of possibilities for all the characters, and many think they are all worth exploring.


Alexandra Shipp, who plays the young version of Storm, spoke with THR recently about the future of her character, since she has a larger role in the upcoming Dark Phoenix film. When asked about  the possibility of a solo film the actress said the following:

“Not yet, but I am hoping we will get around to it. It is definitely time for these Storm fans to get the movie they have been dying for.”


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No doubt that Storm’s film persona has gained a fanbase over the years. The character, portrayed first by the legendary Halle Berry, has been in five films now. By that logic, it is high time that she got her own film, as Wolverine has had. So far, a Storm spin-off film is not in the pipeline, but that doesn’t mean Shipp hasn’t put some thought into it anyway. She continued:

“There are so many different storylines that we could take on when it comes to Storm — whether she is losing her powers or going back to Africa. I just want there to be a message of ‘this woman doesn’t need a man.’ Just one movie where a woman doesn’t need a man, really.”


The story of Storm is very illustrious within the comicbooks, so it would not be hard to adapt from the source material to create an awesome film incorporating both Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp. In fact, Storm’s presence in the Black Panther comics would make for an interesting crossover into the MCU.


So far, the future for Storm is up in the air, but in the meantime, we will at least get to see young Storm in a larger role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and hopefully beyond!


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