12 Times Batman And Iron Man Crossed Over Into Each Other’s World, In Memes!

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have been known to have quite a bit in common over the years. They’re both billionaire playboys, they’re both incredibly smart, and neither of them possesses any actual superpowers without their suits and gadgets. While Bruce has someone make his weaponry for him and Tony creates his own, they’re both formidable opponents for any and every enemy they may encounter. Plus, it’s not like Bruce isn’t able to design and improve on his weapons.


For everything they have in common, they’re also quite different in many aspects of their lives. While Tony has zero issues with standing in the spotlight as a hero, Bruce keeps his identity a secret. Their approach and moral code also vary, but regardless of how they attack problems, they both get the job done. Wayne may be a darker character, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make jokes, especially in the form of memes. Since it’s unlikely that we’ll ever actually see an MCU/DCEU crossover, let’s check them out below and have a few laughs today!



I’m going to have to go with the Hulk on this one. Batman is a beast in his own right, but… Yeah, we’ll go with The Incredible Hulk!



There’s a difference between being a rich superhero and being a God. Some have it, some don’t!



Protect those around you by hiding your identity. Or, if you’re Tony Stark, tell them where your girlfriend and you sleep and save her with a suit!



If at first, you don’t succeed… try, try again. If you’re still unable to accomplish your goal of stopping a superhero… Call Thanos or something!


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