‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Set Photos Reveal New Character

Just this month, we have received a lot of new content from Netflix’s Marvel TV universe. The second season of Jessica Jones premiered last week, and immediately after, the first teaser trailer for Luke Cage Season 2 dropped. Phase 2 is certainly making moves!


We know that Daredevil Season 3 is set to premiere this year, and some new casting has indeed been revealed, so now the only series we are still in the dark about is Iron Fist. Until now, that is.


When we last saw Danny Rand, he had just defeated his longtime enemy, the Hand, and was starting a hopefully more peaceful life with his fellow fighting master and love interest, Colleen Wing.




Although there is no premiere date yet, there has been a confirmation that we will be seeing Danny Rand sooner rather than later. It’s Luke Cage Season 2 that is just around the corner, and when Entertainment Weekly gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming season, they included a shot of both Luke and his new friend, Danny Rand.




It also seems like Danny Rand has secured friends in the Harlem area of New York because it has been confirmed that Officer Misty Knight will be appearing in Iron Fist Season 2 as a recurring character. This will come after her appearance in Luke Cage Season 2, so it looks like we will be getting a whole lot more of Simone Missick’s portrayal of Misty in Phase 2 of the Netflix Marvel universe.


When we last left Misty, she was being comforted in the hospital by Colleen Wing after she tragically lost her arm while fighting with the Defenders. Wing assured her that despite the bleak outlook, Knight would fully recover, and then some. She concluded with the statement that Danny Rand just bought the hospital she was in and that he would be utilizing the most modern of techniques and technology that the hospital could offer in order to heal Knight as best they could. In some teaser pictures of Luke Cage Season 2, it looks like Knight now has a bionic arm instead. This was presumably thanks to the generosity of Rand, possibly giving Knight her doorway into the upcoming series.




This could also indicate that Luke Cage may appear in season 2 of Iron Fist, in turn. Nonetheless, in preparation for the second season, the Iron Fist creators are making great changes in the show and behind the scenes. Not only is there new casting for Season 2, but also a new showrunner.


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