‘Infinity War’ Writers Talk About What They Would Change About The Movie If They Could

The expectations that were in place for Avengers: Infinity War before it hit theaters couldn’t have been higher. It was expected, though. What else could there have been when a studio is bringing a decade worth of films together, along with a cast of characters that fans have grown and fallen in love with? Infinity War not only matched those expectations, many fans and critics believed they somehow managed to top them, but that doesn’t mean it was a perfect film.




Oftentimes, creative types tend to be their own worst critic. Even after going over their work with a fine-toothed comb, fleshing out all of their ideas as thoroughly as possible, they still find things they wish they could go back and change. This seems to be the case for Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. This time, it’s not so much something that they could change because to tell the story they had to include what they’d like to change.




While speaking to The New York Times, McFeely explained why the Infinity Stones, while the centerpiece of the story, we’re one of their biggest issues…

“Had we started from scratch, we would not have chosen six damn MacGuffins. That’s not that helpful. It was difficult to get that all in.”




If there was any real complaint about the film it could be that it seemed relatively easy for Thanos to acquire all six Infinity Stones, but the more he got, the more powerful he became, making it an easier process with each addition to the Infinity Gauntlet. They also did a good job explaining how he already had the Power Stone without having to show it. So, while they may not have chosen six MacGuffins had they started from the beginning, they still did an excellent job using each and every one.


Avengers: Infinity War is still in theaters now, catch it again before it’s too late!


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