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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Becomes One Of Four Films To Reach Historic Feat

Yesterday, June 11th, we wrote a piece on Avengers: Infinity War passing Jurassic World at the box office in terms of domestic sales. In that piece, we surmised that Infinity War would be crossing over the $2 billion threshold in worldwide sales after this upcoming weekend. We were wrong, it only took another day. It already had the highest opening weekend in film history and was the fastest film to reach $1 billion in sales. Now, according to Forbes, Infinity war joins Avatar, Titanic, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the only films in history to reach $2 billion.




What makes this so special for the Marvel Studios behemoth and separates it from the others is the fact that it came out in April. The other three all came out in December, the biggest month for films. While Infinity War continues to ride high, there’s another film coming out on June 22nd that has eyes on taking down its records. Read about that below!


‘Infinity War’ Bests ‘Jurassic World’s Domestic Totals, But It Has A Contender On The Way


Avengers: Infinity War continues to steamroll its way through the record books and all-time lists in terms of box office success. Even though the film has been in theaters since April 27th, fans have continued to make their way to the cinema to see it for their first, second, or even 45th time, like this dedicated fan!



You can read about him and how he was rewarded for his patronage HERE


Over this past weekend, Infinity War passed Jurassic World at the domestic box office. This is no small feat, but it’s rather fitting because Jurassic World had to pass a major film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on its way to a domestic total of $652 million. Infinity War‘s $655 million domestic total bested Jurassic World‘s, which now falls out of the Top 5 all-time. When Jurassic World bested The Avengers $623 million domestic, Marvel Studios President congratulated them with this tweet.



Avengers: Infinity War is now about $4 million behind Titanic for 4th best all-time but still needs another $50 million to top Black Panther‘s impressive $699 million domestic total to reach the Top 3. Not only that, but Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is coming soon as well, and that may threaten them all!




Head to PAGE 2 and see why Fallen Kingdom is a legitimate threat to Infinity War‘s numbers…