Infinity War Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows A Closer Look At The Battle Of Wakanda

The home digital release of Infinity War is here, with the home release on the way and to hype us up for it, Marvel Studios showed us glimpses of all of the best special features, and now that it’s been released digitally, we’ve been getting full looks at some of the special features. The full list of features was released prior, boasting hours of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and blooper reels among other things. As one of the biggest movies (in cast numbers and in box office numbers) of the decade, of course, the special features have to be just as high octane.




One of the many spectacular scenes in the film was the battle of Wakanda. A gang of Avengers and an army of Wakandans versus the children of Thanos and an endless army of mindless alien creatures sounds like a tough job to tackle on paper, let alone with a film crew and cast. The final product was just as amazing for audiences to see as it was for the creators to make it. This scene was the perfect climax for an already climactic movie, and that is probably why the creators decided to include a featurette on how this epic sequence was brought to life on screen.




Paul Bettany, who played Vision, had a very pivotal part in the Wakanda scenes, even though it ended with his demise (twice). Despite his death and the eventual victory of Thanos, Bettany praised the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, for a monumental job well done in the scenes, and the movie as a whole. Bettany said in the featurette:

“They are extraordinary technicians. They are making the biggest movie of all time, with the biggest movie of all time right after it.”




The teaser video clip features words from Visual Effects Supervisor Dan Deleeuw and Executive Producer Victoria Alonso, as well as Danai Gurira (Okoye) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes.)


It also came down to the directors employing skilled individuals to tackle the linguistics of the scene. Deeleuw explained that the way to create the Wakandan army was to digitally expand on the already-big group of extras and stunt professionals.


Deeleuw said:

“We’ve got 70 extras here on set, and stunt people; we’ll do digital versions of those so we can create those 70 and bring them out to about 500.”

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