‘Infinity Countdown’ #3 Enlists Unexpected Help To Save The Universe From Ultron

Things are really picking up in the battle for the Infinity Stones in the newest issue of Infinity Countdown. The Stones have made their appearance again across the universe and some of them have found their way into some less than benevolent hands.




While The Guardians of the Galaxy are fighting alongside the Novas against the Raptors and the Chitauri for control over the Power Stone, which just so happens to be WAY too big for some odd reason, a reborn Adam Warlock is on another mission.




Warlock seeks control over the Soul Gem which is in the hands of an even more deranged than normal Ultron who’s wearing the skin of his creator. Creepy right?




So Adam Warlock goes all-in trying to defeat Ultron and his legion of clones, in hopes of retrieving the Soul Gem and saving the Silver Surfer from the evil creatures who are also trying to transform him and use the power cosmic within the being to unleash destruction upon the universe.


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