Who’s The Strongest? The Hulk Battles It Out With Superman In A Battle Of The Memes!

The debate between Marvel fans and DC fans has been waging as long as both companies have been releasing comicbooks. One debate that always comes up is who is stronger, the Incredible Hulk or Superman? Both have great reasons for why their candidate is best, both have great reasons for why the other can’t win, but the debate will continue because neither will ever agree on an outcome. One fan went a step further and created an animated battle between the two superpowered heroes, check it out HERE.


Since we’ll never come to an agreement on who would win in a fight, maybe we can agree on whose fans make better memes. Check out 10 Hulk/Superman memes below, and then let us know which one was the best in the comments!


Let The Battle Commence


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Internet, especially social media, is people love arguing with each other and it doesn’t even matter what they’re arguing about. This, however, is something worth debating!


How Do They Last?


The only thing that may be stronger than the Hulk is the Hulk’s pants, proving once again that function is much more important than style!


On The Ready


A lot of different things have happened in the comicbooks. For every battle that Superman would win, the Hulk could win another. It all boils down to which series you want to point to.


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