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A God Among Men: The Evolution Of Thor As A Character

He wasn’t always the knotty Norseman from the realm of Asgard, and his look and character design has changed radically. He debuted in 1962, and has been one of the most recognizable Marvel characters, along with Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man. More than just a superhuman, he’s a God. With his enchanted hammer Mjölnir in hand, he’s plagued by a jealous adoptive brother (Loki) while dealing with the constantly shifting tensions within the Avengers.

This Is Thor As He Originally Looked


Thor wasn’t always a pretty boy played by Chris Hemsworth. In fact, the new version of the character eschews the classic backstory – Odin exiles his son to Earth, placing him in the body of a partially disabled medical student named Donald Blake.


He later learns of his fate (his walking stick ends up being his almighty hammer) and falls for a nurse named Jane Foster. None of this rings a bell to the current Thor fan, right? Well, that makes sense since the three films that have been made by Marvel don’t deal with this version.

And This Is His Movie Alter Ego


Instead, we get the Asgardian alien with anger management issues, and some tasty eye candy for the females in the audience. Over the years, the design has been tweaked, the narrative altered, with the animated and live-action reflecting such differences.


We’ve even had a “what if” look at the character as a female. All of these can’t quite match the expertise that Hemsworth brings to the role, and none are as campy or cheesy as the first time Thor who hit the screen in the TV movie The Incredible Hulk Returns.

There’s Even Been A Female Version


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