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Look Carefully Or You’ll Miss These Hidden Characters In Many Marvel Movies

Cosmo The Space Dog


James Gunn had great fun populating the Collector’s inventory of unique and bizarre beings, and when this defiant canine appeared onscreen, fans instantly recognized a Guardians’ comic book ally and the head of security for Knowhere.

Adam Warlock

Housed in a glowing cocoon, he made a brief appearance – again – as part of the Collector’s menagerie, as well as being seen in Thor: The Dark World. A major player in the whole “Infinity Gauntlet” storyline, many hope will see the superhero in future Marvel movies.

Doc Samson

The difference between the comic book and cinematic versions of this character are so great that many might not notice him. Perhaps the biggest change? He no longer suffers from the same gamma radiation issues that Dr. Bruce Banner does.

The Leader

Another important player lost in the chaos that is The Incredible Hulk films. Set up as a possible returning baddie for future films based on the gargantuan superhero, his presence was noted, but never really made the impact planned.

Fin Fang Foom

He’s a dragon and one of Tony Stark’s/Iron Man’s greatest enemies. He’s part of a race of such beings. In the actual first film in the ongoing adventures of the mechanical champion, he’s briefly glimpsed on a billboard. Not much more to it than that.

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