Hawkeye Gets Cropped Out Of Latest ‘Infinity War’ TV Spot Titled ‘Legacy’

Every time we discuss this topic, on one hand, feel like we’re beating a dead horse, and on the other, we can’t help but find some humor in it. The omission of Hawkeye from almost all of the marketing for Avengers: Infinity War is feeling like it’s done completely on purpose, and we’re not the only publication that feels that way. Everytime it happens, we talk about it, and doesn’t that kind of seem like Clint Barton may be the most important character in the promotional run?




So, now we have another TV spot released by Marvel Studios, and it’s not only another TV spot that doesn’t include Hawkeye, he was actually cut out of it. In the spot, titled “Legacy,” you’ll see an old clip used as a look back that features Captain America and Black Widow from The Avengers trailer. If you look closely, you’ll recognize that the scene also originally featured Hawkeye, but not this time. His arrows, however, do make an appearance as they were unable to crop the entirety of him out.




There are a few different trains of thought as to why Hawkeye hasn’t been used in the marketing:


One – This one is unpopular with many fans, but that due to the threat coming towards Earth, Hawkeye’s powers simply aren’t up to par with the rest and he’s being pushed aside for other heroes. We don’t necessarily buy that. Clint has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Avengers and has more than enough to help in the fight against Thanos and his Black Order.


Two – He is actually going to play a very key role in Infinity War, and his omission from the promotional material is to keep that a secret. This makes a lot of sense. If his role is small, yet important, showing it via the trailer doesn’t make any sense.


Three – This is all by design to keep us talking about Hawkeye and the film. If it is this, it worked, and we can’t wait to see him in action with the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on April 27th! Check out the TV spot he was cut out of below!



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