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Groundbreaking ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #800 Brings Two Unlikely Heroes Back Together

Dan Slott’s last 10 years as the big brain behind the Amazing Spider-Man comicbook series has just lead up to one of the coolest moments in comicbook history as we make it to the 800th issue with the “web-head” and his wild adventures. Although Peter Parker’s heroic crime-fighting alter ego is notorious for being quick-witted and comedic, this predicament that he and his friends are in is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s a matter of life or death.




If you haven’t been tuned in, what’s happening in NY with our heroes is essentially a “worst case scenario” kind of deal. Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin has fused with the out of control and ultra-violent symbiote known as Carnage, and the new Red Goblin is virtually unstoppable.




Red Goblin is now bent on destroying Peter Parker, his allies, friends, and family one at a time, and to be honest, he’s already achieved a pretty scary body count and hurt countless others. Currently in his crosshairs is Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson, but there are some that would stand in his way.




Venom who more recently turned over a new leaf jumps in to save Mary Jane, although the symbiote is no match at all for the Red Goblin.


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