Gotham’s Original Joker Set To Return In Upcoming ‘Batman Beyond’ Comicbook

The new protector of Gotham City in the future isn’t the Batman that you think, in fact, he’s beyond that. Terry McGinnis has taken on the mantle of the Dark Knight and with some mentorship from an old Bruce Wayne, has been all the difference in a city that has consistently gotten more corrupt and dangerous over the years.




McGinnis has made his return as Batman Beyond in his own comicbook run after a timeline was fixed that left the hero incapacitated. Currently in Batman Beyond #23, the most up to date issue, Batman is facing off against a very familiar enemy, Scarecrow! The villain is attempting to turn the city against him and any other caped crusader using fear to control the people to take up arms and fight. This may be just the tip of the iceberg moving forward.




It appears that another big bad villain from Batman history is setting up the stage for a grand entrance. Batman Beyond vs. The Joker?




If the original Joker is, in fact, still alive this could mean some serious trouble for ANYONE connected to Bruce Wayne including the Gotham’s first Batman as well.


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