‘GotG’ Director James Gunn Met George Lucas And It Couldn’t Have Gone Better!

A lot of times it seems like fans of certain franchises have a strong disdain for each other. Star Wars vs Star Trek, Marvel vs DC, and so on. While that may be true for some, the majority of people are just simply fans of being entertained with quality content. There’s nothing wrong with loving both The Avengers and Justice League.




This is especially true when it comes to the creators. A certain kind of respect is shared between writers, cartoonists, directors, and the like. Take James Gunn for example.



The Guardians of the Galaxy director grew up a Star Wars fan, so when he had the opportunity to speak with George Lucas, it was a dream come true. Little did he know, that dream would be surpassed by reality.


After meeting Lucas, he took the time to tell him how much Star Wars meant to him as a young man, and it couldn’t have gone any better!



This is one instance that proves that you should always follow your dreams; you never know where you might end up.

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