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‘Ghostbusters’ Augmented Reality Mobile Game Will Let You Catch Ghosts In The Real World

It was only a matter of time before another mobile gaming craze along the lines of Pokémon Go swept the world. The aforementioned app featured hundreds of catchable Pokémon out inthe real world, and at the height of its popularity, motivated kids and adults everywhere to step outside and get active. It appears that the Ghostbusters will feature a mobile app involved with catching ghosts, most likely influenced by the success of their Poké-predecessor.




Ghostbusters World, according to IGN, will be a mobile AR game that allows users to catch all sorts of, “specters, ghosts, and apparitions.” NextAge will be handling development of the game alongside collaborative partners FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33), Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Ghost Corps. Check out the teaser trailer for Ghostbusters World below:



Each of the ghosts will be recognizable from the films, TV shows, animated series, video games, comicbooks, and theme parks. The app was recently revealed during Google’s ARCore announcement, and a demo is available to play at the company’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. There is currently no global release date for Ghostbusters World, but one can only speculate as to how it will compare to the mobile titan that came before it.


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