Get Ready For The Dashing December Holidays Of 2017

Happy holidays! We’ve compiled some unique and peculiar daily celebrations to wrap up 2017.  So, curl up on the couch with a hot beverage, admire your snowy landscape (or imagine it, if you live in a warm climate or the southern hemisphere), and help TRSL.com usher in 2018 in quirky style.


December 1: Antarctica Day – Think it’s cold out today? Imagine stepping foot outside when it’s -128.56 degrees Fahrenheit (- 89.2 degrees Celsius). Yes, that’s a real number – the coldest ever recorded – and it was documented in July 1983 on this very continent. Inarguably, Antarctica isn’t the easiest to travel to, but if you ever get the chance to visit, we recommend bringing some skates*; 99% of Antarctica is covered by ice, after all. (*That’s not an official recommendation, by the way, because there are probably environmental rules in place and all that jazz.)



December 5: Bathtub Party Day – Take a page from Ernie’s book, grab your favorite rubber duckie and hop on in! Of course, a regular tub may be a bit too small for a party of more than one. If you’re super ambitious and/or have a million friends, perhaps try to seek out the world’s largest bathtub to host your watery soiree, wherever that may be. (According to the interwebs, in 2009 that accolade went to a tub in India – complete with a slide! – that measured 72 feet long and 12 feet wide.) Oh, and pictures or it didn’t happen.


December 7: Letter Writing Day – We’re guessing that many of our readers are probably more comfortable now with texting, tweeting, sending a string of emojis instead of words, and the like, but let’s take it old school style for one day.  That’s right, dust off the ol’ pen and paper because we have a challenge: write a letter! Yes, it may seem a daunting task at first, but that’s OK. Just take it one line at a time and we’re sure the rest will flow freely. (We’re assuming/hopeful that no one has forgotten what a handwritten letter is or looks like.) Bonus points if you actually give or – gasp! – mail the letter to someone. Everybody still likes getting letters in the mail, right?