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Letter Perfect: It’s The A-Z Geek Alphabet

When exactly did this happen? When did the social pecking order get so subverted? Back in the day, you were either a jock or a nerd. The latter was picked on and the former was seen as the ideal (falsely) to live by and be like. Fortunately somewhere along the line brains took over for brawn and now we have TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, which actually celebrates geekdom.

Being an obsessive is no longer a bad thing. Instead, the Internet is full of people who dote over their favorite films, their favorite bands, or perhaps most importantly, their favorite comics. Sometimes they’re a bit misguided. In other instances, they’re right on point.

In acknowledgment of such a turn of events, artist Otis Frampton has created the Geek Alphabet. Taking its cues from children’s books of the past, each letter is illustrated with a clever cartoon. When you were a kid, this helped you remember not only the vowel or consonant itself, but how it is applied in the language.

It’s a testament to how far we’ve come from the days when enjoying Star Trek or a science-fiction novel was seen as bad for your reputation. Look over all 26, and make sure to stay to the end. Alex has made a couple of cartoons based on this alphabet and they’re pretty funny. You should check them out.

Star Wars Shout Out #1

The poor general.

Time For A Trip To Middle Earth

You still shall not pass.

Someone’s Not Happy

Don’t worry – you’ll find something else to obsess on.

Boba HUH?

The poor bounty hunter in training.

Star Wars Shout Out #2

What are they eating?

Darth Dad?

We’ll say.

Feed Me Seymour!

Feed me all night long.

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