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FX’s Second Season Of ‘Legion’ Is Hiding Something In The Preview

David Haller’s story is one of intense psychiatric exploration and what happens when dormant mutant powers enter the mix. In the comicbooks, Haller is the lovechild of Charles Xavier of the X-Men and Gabrielle Haller, a catatonic holocaust survivor. Xavier had eventually cured her condition, and she later became Israeli ambassador to Great Britain while living in Paris, France. While living there, David’s stepfather was killed in front of his eyes during a terror attack, prompting him to develop his powers through a terrible trauma. David’s personality split as a result of the traumatic incident that unfolded.




A recent television adaptation of the show began on the FX network, airing on February 8th, 2017. The first season introduces the audience to Dan Stevens playing David, a troubled man with schizophrenia (Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder was the disorder in the comicbooks).


He’s trying to get a grip on all of his mental health issues with the help of a therapist, medication and his friend Lenny Busker played by Aubrey Plaza, who often talks as Haller listens.




Recent promos and trailers for the upcoming second season have challenged the psyche of audience viewers just as much as David Haller’s.

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