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Funny Or Die Makes Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Short Following The Life Of Stormtrooper

Funny Or Die has recently released a Star Wars spoof trailer that couldn’t be anymore indie if it tried. Brace for a barrage of movie tropes galore, complete with a belligerent father embodying oppressive tradition, and a reluctant Storm Trooper named Ian who wants to break free from the galactic status quo.


Throughout the generations, the men in Ian’s family have all donned the familiar white armor of the empire. It takes a Rodian named Teedo to change the young trooper’s outlook on life, as they begin a whirlwind interspecies romance that has critics raving.


The trailer includes karaoke, ukuleles and quiet introspective scenes between the two love interests in which they contemplate the meaning of life within the universe. Ryan Coopersmith wrote, directed, and played the lead in this video, showcasing his comedic strengths.

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