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Friendly, Everyday Superheroes Scale The Windows Of Children’s Hospital In Amazing Video!

The minute superheroes first graced the pages of comicbooks and children got their hands on them, they were hooked. All of these years later, those kids have become adults and the comicbooks they grew up loving are live-action in the cinema, building a new generation of superhero fans. In most cases, the actors that portray the heroes on-screen have become heroes in their own right, connecting with their fans and offering inspiration across the globe.




In the past year, countless actors have donned their costumes to surprise sick children all around the world. In one instance, Tom Holland traveled the globe from Los Angeles to Singapore and made stops at Children’s Hospitals in both cities dressed as his Marvel character Spider-Man.



Ben Affleck, the latest Batman in a long line of actors to answer the Bat-Signal, learned of a Congolese refugee named Mukuta Mukuta who’s battling cholangiocarcinoma, a form of terminal cancer, and who is also a Batman fan. Mukuta was in an Atlanta Hospice and Affleck arranged to not only FaceTime with the 11-year-old but arranged to have his mother and siblings brought to his bedside to be with him in his final days.



Now we’ve got a different Batman and Spider-Man making a difference in the community by bringing joy to little boys and girls at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, IA. The only difference is these heroes aren’t famous, they just found a clever way to do their job while bringing smiles!


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