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First Peek At Captain America’s New Shield In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Toy

The hype for Avengers: Infinity War is mounting like Marvel toys on shelves, and speaking of which, a new line of action figures based on the film is on the horizon. The ending of Civil War saw Captain America dropping his famous star-spangled shield after a confrontation with Iron Man, and walking away from the Avengers Initiative.



In the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, T’Challa’s phrase, “Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses, and get this man a shield,” heavily implied that Cap would receive a replacement. Fans never saw a glimpse of the new shield, but when @MarvelousRealm offered everyone a peek at the new line of figures inspired by the upcoming MCU crossover, Cap’s toy had an accessory that was different from usual.




The triangular shield beside Captain America’s head, most likely thanks to Shuri’s (Letitia Wright) design, looks to have some manner of a resemblance towards the gauntlets he’s sporting in the trailer. Whether or not Steve Rogers will adopt the moniker of “Nomad” in the upcoming film remains to be seen, although director Joe Russo admits that Cap will encapsulate “the spirit of that character” during Infinity War.

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