Our First Look At Kristen Wiig On Set In Cheetah Costume For ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

While the MCU part of Marvel may be on a slight hiatus until next March’s Captain Marvel, things are rapidly moving onwards and upwards in the DCEU. It was announced earlier this week that Warner Bros. will be going forward with a new origin film for the Joker starring Joaquín Phoenix that begins filming later this year.


Aside from this new film, the highly anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman, titled Wonder Woman 1984, is currently in production, and all sneak peeks have been simply eaten up by fans!


So far, we’ve seen some very selective behind the scenes stills from the production, which is currently in the thick of filming. One such frame is the shocking return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, who was thought to be dead. The character appears un-aged even though the sequel takes place in 1984, about 40 years after the first one.




The actor has been spotted on set with Gal Gadot while both dressed in ’80s garb, so it is assumed that the character pulled a “Bucky Barnes” and came back to life in the decade of decadence! This has been a very pleasant surprise for fans, thus heightening the excitement for the sequel tenfold.



Next, a picture of Kristen Wiig as the villain Cheetah has surfaced. The photo itself doesn’t show anything significant really, but the casting of Wiig has spawned chatter among fans. A supervillain is not the expected role for the prominent comedic actress, but fans seem to be suspending judgment and trusting the directorial gut of Patty Jenkins.




Speaking of Wiig’s portrayal of Cheetah, also known as Barbara Ann Minerva, some photos from the set have surfaced. Unlike the first photo of her in civilian clothes, these photos show her more disheveled and what appears to be a more costumed look.


The character of Cheetah debuted in the Wonder Woman comicbooks back in 1943, with several iterations throughout history. In the Minerva portrayal, she was an archaeologist who became obsessed with acquiring ancient and mystical artifacts and eventually turned into a malevolent and deformed half-cheetah. She may have the name “Cheetah,” but she is far more sinister than Catwoman. Her powers consist of super strength, speed, agility, and a set of razor-sharp fangs, to boot.


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