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Fantastic Beasts: Claudia Kim Reveals That She Is Playing An Infamous Harry Potter Character

This week, the final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was released and brought with it a lot of explosive new scenes to get us excited for the new film, but that’s only the beginning. Along with the new trailer, the cast convened to give a little preliminary intro video and with that, one of the actors, Claudia Kim, revealed her character’s name for the first time. This may seem like a minor revelation but it turns out that we have seen her character before in the Harry Potter movies and we just didn’t know it, that is until now.


Check out her announcement below:


That’s right, Claudia Kim will be playing the famous serpent and future sidekick (and Horcrux) to Voldemort, Nagini. This revelation came as a surprise to even the most devoted Harry Potter fans because we never had an inkling that Nagini was ever anything else besides a snake and villain. After all, the snake was responsible for a number of deaths during her time with Voldemort, including Severus Snape.




The backstory will go into more detail in Crimes of Grindelwald, but so far we also know that Nagini is actually a girl who works as a circus performer and uses her ability to turn into a snake as a “transformation act” in the circus for Muggles/No-maj’s. She becomes friends with Credence Barebone (played by Ezra Miller), but her fate beyond that will be determined when the film releases.




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