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Fans Of Marvel vs. Capcom Get Extremely Hopeful After Disney/Fox Deal Is Sealed

With Disney’s recent acquisition of a number of assets from 21st Century Fox for over $52 billion, there have been plenty of rumors and speculations regarding what this will mean for the entertainment industry, and fighting game fans have been equally as vociferous. What do they want? For one thing, X-Men characters in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.


Gamers that frequent the franchise have been craving X-Men characters in the current installment, since they have gone missing from the roster. To many fans, the series lost its identity as a result.

Usable characters such as Wolverine (Drill Claw!), Sentinel, Magneto, Cyclops, and Phoenix were integral parts of a celebrated fighting game franchise.


Capcom’s need to ameliorate the situation with DLC band-aids such as the “2017 Character Pass” has grown a bit sour in gaming circles, though there’s a palpable excitement from the community after news broke of the Disney/Fox merger.

The recent acquisition could return the Marvel vs. Capcom series back to its former repute. Some fans have even been clamoring for a remaster of the second installment, widely considered a fighting game classic. Only time will tell if the wishes of the gaming world will finally come true as a result of the Disney/Fox deal.

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