Fan Makes Amazing Trilogy Poster For ‘Avengers’ Films

The MCU is at a crossroads right now after the game changer that was Infinity War. Talk about a grand finale! Phase 3 of the MCU technically will be coming to an end with Avengers 4, coming out next year, but fans still call the set of films consisting of The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Avengers: Infinity War a trilogy. After all, Infinity War brought together (almost) all the characters from the past 10 years in a battle for the fate of the universe; the caliber of which the characters, cast and crew, and audiences alike have never seen.




To celebrate this monument, the team at Marvel Studios really outdid themselves in the marketing department with a series of posters, tv spots, and global fan events with the cast. Most of the posters featured the gigantic cast with Thanos overlooking them ominously. The ones that did not highlighted a single character or small set of characters, their abilities, and their personalities.


Fans knew that Infinity War would be the culmination of all other battles and all character additions before it. Even if the marketing didn’t allude to the past films, we still knew all the ups and downs that brought us to this point. In fact, one very talented fan took it upon himself to commemorate the previous Avengers films in relation to the newest one.


French graphic designer and MCU fan, Julien Rico Jr, has created many amazing designs based on MCU films, including the Thor series, Iron Man series, and Captain America series, to name a few. His specialty seems to be triptychs, meaning sets of three pieces of art.



His latest work shows the evolution of the Avengers film series with Infinity War as the final piece. The posters really showcase some of the films’ most iconic moments like Loki bringing the Chitauri aliens to New York in Avengers, Scarlet Witch’s powerful reaction to her brother’s death in Age of Ultron, and the battle on Titan against Thanos in Infinity War. Check it out below:



The art has gotten universal praise from other fans on Twitter and has even grabbed the attention of the Russo Brothers who “liked” the tweet, as well. Who knows, maybe this will be put into consideration for marketing campaigns in the future of the MCU!


To see the rest of his work on Marvel films and other pop culture franchises, click HERE.


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