Facebook Watch Can Filter Out Spoiler Content From News Feed Says Ricky Van Veen

The massive social media company, Facebook, has finally taken a progressive step towards the well-being of fans everywhere/ They are implementing filters that weed out spoiler content on the news feeds of users. Someone that misses the latest episode of shows like Game of Thrones or Stranger Things can be at peace knowing they can take it at their own pace.


An opening keynote at this year’s NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) Conference had Facebook’s head of global creative strategy, Ricky Van Veen, discussing plans to implement the filtering software on Facebook Watch, a video streaming platform run by Facebook.


The feature is something that the company is testing, so it is not currently active, but Van Veen talked about it further during the opening keynote.


He spoke with moderator and BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield, saying: “If you haven’t seen Episode 5 yet, you won’t see your friend’s comment on Episode 5. Those are really easy things to do that no one has really done yet, because it’s hard when you’re having a conversation and viewing in two different places. Hopefully, we can make some of those value-adds for the Facebook viewer and the TV viewer come together.”


Hopefully this feature will go live soon, because fans would surely appreciate the spoiler-free courtesy.




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