Fabulous February Holidays: Days 22-28

We’ve reached the last week of February! Pick some of the below holidays to celebrate over the next seven days and help us finish February on a high note!


February 22: National Cook a Sweet Potato Day



Get your aprons on, because TRSL is about to attempt to teach its first cooking lesson. Well, not really; we’re just going to list a bunch of ways to prepare something from recipes we found online, which is our version of a lesson, anyway. If you’re not already on the sweet potato train, you should hop on board, because these starchy, sweet veggies provide a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, AND they have a high count of beta-carotene, an important anti-oxidant. Plus, they’re super versatile: bake them in the oven, whip them up au gratin, dice and fry ‘em, fashion them into hash browns, throw them on the grill, mash them up, candy them, cook them in a stew – whew, we’re getting hungry just thinking about all the ways in which you can enjoy sweet potatoes! (Be right back.)


February 23: National Tile Day 



If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t given tile a second thought. Sure, you may stand on it or look up at it in your home, work, or school, and you may notice a particularly striking pattern every now and again, but that’s most likely it, right? Well, according to the almighty Wikipedia, the earliest example of tile that’s been unearthed, in the form of glazed bricks, dates all the way back to the 13th century – BCE! We doubt the material you’re around is that old, but take a moment to appreciate the many forms of tile you encounter in your everyday life and how some of those help shield you from the elements!


February 24: International Sword Swallowers Day



We’re firmly planted on the observation deck today, and we absolutely advise our readers to join us as well, unless you’re properly trained in this ancient art – and according to the internet, there are only a few dozen or so professionals still entertaining today. Speaking of ancient, though, sword swallowing dates to around 2000 BCE India; ironically, this is the second holiday in a row to predate the common era! (The next one… we’re not so sure about.)