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Fabulous February Holidays: Days 15-21

We’re halfway through the shortest month of the year! To celebrate, get on board with another week’s worth of holidays, below:


February 15: National Hippo Day



Did you know that even though hippos can remain underwater for up to 16 hours a day, they don’t know how to swim… but they can sleep while submerged?! That just sounds dangerous, if you ask me. As aggressive as these gigantic animals are, hippos only eat plants (mostly grass) and generally consume about 88 pounds of food a day; while that may seem like a lot, it only amounts to about 1-1.5% of their total weight! Does that mean the game Hungry Hungry Hippos is a lie?!


February 16: Do A Grouch A Favor Day


And just let him wallow in his trash and misery. (Then you can resume annoying him tomorrow.)

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