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Fabulous February Holidays: Days 1-7

Welcome to February! In an effort to provide our valued readers with more entertaining things to do and discover, we’ll now be sharing these pieces on a weekly basis, which means you’ll be able to commemorate a bizarre/random/original holiday every, single, day of the week. Now that’s something (else) to celebrate!


Let’s kick things off with February 1-7, shall we?

February 1: Hula in the Coola Day


Despite the rather odd sounding moniker, this one’s rather straightforward – if you currently reside in a wintery climate, that is: just get outside and hula. Apparently, the point of this holiday is to break free of your winter prison mentally and physically* and prepare for, revel in, and/or beg for warmer days to come.  While you’re getting your dance on, send some good vibes to Punxsutawney Phil. Hopefully, he’ll fail to see his shadow tomorrow, and we can all welcome Spring soon.

*for one day only


February 2: Bubble Gum Day


Forget about spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint, and even cinnamon; if you want to slack off today, you reach for a stick of one of those flavors. But if you aim to go above and beyond, we have a mission for you: seek out an extreme bubble gum flavor and give it a chew. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: Man Smell Gum (Japan), Motitas Banana Gum (Mexico), Bacon (US), Pepperfruits Gum (Japan), Frank and Beans (US), and Black Black Gum (Japan, for the win). What’s the weirdest bubble gum flavor you’ve ever tried?