Extended Preview Clips + Multiple ‘Black Panther’ TV Spots Released

It’s home stretch now, on the journey to the release of Black Panther. Instead of letting fans stew with all of the sneak peeks so far, Marvel Studios just keeps releasing new content to get everyone more excited by the day.


With less than 10 days left until the release of the film, Marvel Studios has released some extended preview clips featuring a speech from Erik Killmonger, and a few of the fight scenes. They have also released a whole new set of TV spot trailers.


Many of the trailers focus on T’Challa’s relationship with his sister Shuri, a relationship that we have not seen too much about in the sneak peeks prior to these.




Another focus in the trailers is the fact that Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is not just a superhero, but a King, as well. The trailers use phrases like, “The Avengers have a new king,” and, “respect the throne.”


Both T’Challa’s familial relationships and his acceptance of his new position of power, as King of Wakanda, will no doubt be important themes throughout the film, so the trailers are simply giving audiences a glimpse into what he holds most valuable.


The extended clips show a speech from Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), directed at King T’Challa, presumably right before their big combat scene. One thing that many critics and audience member have said about the character of Killmonger is that he is no ordinary villain. In fact, many have said that his character is one of the most important and dynamic characters in the film.



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