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Re-Exploring The Masterful Cinematography Of ‘GotG Vol. 2’ With Masterful Video Cut

Which do you prefer, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 or 2? It seems to be a pretty even toss up depending on who you’re asking. Vol. 1 brings us the origin of the team, with each character getting ample backstory time. We also see them work through their differences to come together as a unit that the universe can count on. It also introduces the Power Stone, further helping to set up the Marvel Cinematic Universe and get us closer to Avengers: Infinity War.




Vol. 2, while similar in feel to Vol. 1, dives deeper into the theme of family and what it really means. Is blood truly thicker than water? Whether it’s Peter Quill coming to terms with his past, his lineage, and what a father truly is, or Rocket’s abandonment issues masquerading as a disdain for the people he truly loves, the themes explored throughout the film are things many of us deal with throughout our lives. Plus, like the first, it’s as funny as a superhero film can get, and it has Baby Groot.




Regardless of which film you prefer, we can all admit that director James Gunn and the rest of the crew delivered quality cinema with both releases. One thing that everyone sees but few talk about is the cinematography of the films. We got to thinking about this after James Gunn took to his ever-active Twitter page and retweeted a post shared by @OnePerfectShot that shared an article and video made around the time of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.



The article, written by H. Perry Horton, goes on to say,

“Like an old pirate film (with TONS of CGI), Gunn and cinematographers Ben Davis (vol.1) and Henry Braham (vol.2) crafted a swashbuckling adventure flick complete with sweeping panoramas, epic action sequences, dynamic framing, and composition – all with the buoyancy and levity of a slapstick comedy. You might not think cinematography can accomplish all that at once, but only if you’ve never seen either of the GotG films.”


It’s a great piece, and the video shared is a montage of shots from Vol. 2 that shows off the masterful cinematography. Created by YouTube user @joshboy64, you can check it out below!



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