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Ever Wondered Who The Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes Are? Here’s The Top 20

For over half a century, Marvel’s superheroes, villains, and characters have been in our daily lives through comics, TV and the silver screen.

As you travel through the journey Marvel’s creative teams take you on, have you ever wondered who the most powerful characters are?

Not just the most popular ones like Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Iron Man, but which characters are the most powerful?

We’re taking a look at the 20 most powerful characters in the comic juggernaut’s collection, using strength, ability and how many defeats they’ve had.

You may not know them all – but we’re pretty sure you have a good idea who most of them are. Some of them may even intrigue you enough to give you a reason to hit the comic books shop.

20. Proteus

Also known as Mutant X, Proteus is a part of the X-Men series. The powerful Proteus is also dangerous as he has the ability to warp and restructure reality itself. He has to constantly move from one body to another as the energy he controls burns out the living quite rapidly.

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